Priced per 30g package.


Suffering from redness, uneven skin tone or dry skin? This calming algae mask is phenomenal at soothing and hydrating the skin. With active ingredients such as rose oil and bilberry extract, this skin treatment can help stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the skins capillaries, provide re-hydration to the skin and smooth stress & age related lines. 


It applies in a thick gel-like layer over skin and peels off smoothly, visibly hydrating the skin.  We recommend our face mask brush for smooth application.


Package can be divided into 3-4 face masks. Powder formula mixed with distilled/spring water or one of our Relax Beauty toners, can be applied onto skin after serum or moisturizer to lock in hydration. 


We also offer a similar Alginate Face mask that helps to balance oily/acne prone skin which can be found here. 



Soothing Alginate Peel Off Mask


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